TikTok Hair Trends: Fall 2020

Have you downloaded the app that has taken social media by storm in 2020? This exploding platform has become much more than silly dances done by teens––there are some amazing hair and beauty tutorials that are shaping trends in real time.

Truth is with all the extra time you may have on your hands due to cancelled events, travel, etc there has never been a better time to learn some of the best DIY tips, tricks and styles from the TikTok pros. Each day millions of people are viewing these videos and bringing them out into the world with a fresh take on the way a hairstyle can become mainstream. 

We rounded up some of the hottest trends to emerge from the platform:

The Faux Side Shave

What started as an edgy style only for celebrities (think Natalie Dormer, Game of Thrones) has become more mainstream as a way to create a classy half-updo with a modern twist. Creating the faux side shave with braids or slicked back hair is a great way to get the look without the commitment of shaving off half your hair.

Here’s How: 

  • Wash hair and create a side part where you’ll want to have the “shaved side”.
  • Thoroughly dry the other side with the AER cordless hair dryer and twist off into 3-6 smaller sections with hair clips or bobby pins for later styling.
  • Using a mousse or strong hair gel apply liberally to your wet hair, creating a slicked down look for the shaved side. Comb through. This section should have a length from the side of your face to roughly the middle of the back of your head.
  • Once you have achieved the desired look of your shaved side, secure the back with multiple bobby pins, getting it as close to your head as possible. This will make the look seem more authentic.
  • Pro Tip: If you have thick hair you may want to create a french braid on the side to keep the hair in place
  • Working with the other 3-6 sections dried sections of your hair, take your curling iron and curl away from your face, creating loose waves.
  • Spray each section for added volume and shine.

The contrast between the two sides of your hair is sure to be a head-turner!


Hidden Multiple Hair Colors

Can’t decide on a new hair color? One of the biggest trends coming out on TikTok are ways to get creative with multiple hair colors. Dying the lower half of your hair in unconventional shades allows you to get in touch with your wild side while keeping a normal view up top. The beauty of this trend is that you can have just a small section of hair alive with a shock of color, or choose to go big with a reveal of unlikely color anytime you wear a ponytail.

Here are some colors and styles to consider when dying down the rainbow:

  • Let the everyday ways you style your hair dominate your decisions for where and how much color you want to add. If you like side braids, consider lowlights that will frame your face when they are revealed through your plaits.
  • The basic ponytail or bun should always be ready to show off your hidden color, so make sure your hair stylist starts the hair dye at the nape of your neck.
  • For Dark Hair - consider shades of purple and blue which will require less of a bleaching process for the color to show up.
  • For Blonde Hair - no colors in the rainbow are off limits and will be easier to achieve if your hair is already a light color to begin with. Go bold and represent the RGB spectrum for a unique underlight look.

Once you’ve taken the plunge with new hidden highlights, turn to the endless TikTok tutorials for hair color ideas and all the ways to show off your new look.

Return of The Pigtails

Yes––no longer just for middle schoolers, pigtails have become a huge trend shaped by the highest viewed videos of TikTok. Pigtails are showing up in all shapes and sizes; as buns, half-updos, and even occasionally bedazzled with hair gems or accessories woven in. The best part of this hair trend is that it’s not only easy to create, but it also pulls your hair out of your way for a chic convenient look.

Here are some of the ways to rock the new pigtails:

  • High Pigtail Buns - choose a place above the crown of the head to create two symmetrical buns for a fun twist on the classic up-do.
  • Half-up Clipped Pigtails - a great excuse to buy new hair clips and accessories, this easy look is best created by securing back equal sections of hair from the front of your face. Tease out the remaining strands for volume.
  • Braided Pigtails - one you can never go wrong with, is making the latest trends with more complicated plaits like the fishtail braid and the double dutch french braid.
  • Wrapped Ponytails - a simple trick that looks great on high or low pigtails. Simply leave an extra section of hair out of each pigtail and wrap around your hair elastic, securing with a bobby pin to finish.

Not only are pigtails fun & unexpected, but they are also an easy way to switch up your look and ditch your go-to sloppy bun. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to get lost on the social web these days (especially with less reasons to be out and about) and TikTok is not one to disappoint. The hyper-engaged niches the platform has created for beauty and hair trends has become monumentous. Rather than just another social media app to entertain, TikTok has evolved to be a quick and entertaining stop to load up on tutorials and (believe it or not!) actually learn something.

An unexpected community has arisen in TikTok––with many experienced stylists and trendsetters sharing their tips and tricks. Trends have been bolstered with large amounts of real-time feedback. Copycats recreate looks that they like and repeated views are translating into popular styles at a previously unmatched rate. There has never been a better time to join the bandwagon and try out a new hairstyle, hair dye, or edgy cut for yourself.

Getting out of your comfort zone and treating your hair like it's not an afterthought is another concept that is shaping these platform tutorials. Why not use your hair as an extension of your creativity? Or a way to change up your look? Exploring new trends and styles will help refresh more than just your mane; it will give you a renewed sense of self. Read up on great fast hairstyle ideas in our article titled “Five Hairstyles you can Do On-the-Go”. 

Find a trend that’s for you and see where your new hairstyle takes you!