The Miracle Treatment for Dry Hair and Scalp

A Shift in the Beauty Industry

Consider this: we pay way closer attention to the health of our faces than any other area of the body. As we stated last week in our Anti Aging Hair Treatment investigation, it’s easy to slip into the habit of focusing on the face and forgetting its next door neighbor.

Every season, mainstream skincare regimens migrate closer and closer to the tried and true 14-step Korean skincare process. Why? It works.

Isolating specific facial needs to formulated solutions targeted to solely that need provides both expertise and confidence. 2-in-1s just aren’t specific enough. 

We cleanse. We exfoliate. We tone. We spot treat. We moisturize— hopefully in that order. Some of us have even jumped on the LED face mask treatment bandwagon (hello Terminator aesthetic).

Here’s the point— many of us are satisfied with pretty standard shampoos and conditioners.

No special formulas. No targeted solutions for our hair’s needs. No additional hair care regimen products or considerations.

No longer.

The Skinification Trend

Trend watch: skinification of hair. This is one we’ve been monitoring closely at AER. 

Here’s the breakdown on skinification. Skinification is bringing the attention to detail and level of care we give to our faces and bodies to our hair. Simple as that.

So why aren’t we doing it already?

It comes down to a lack of knowledge about hair and what’s really going on up there.

Brands and beauty gurus alike have learned a lot about facial care in the past few decades. These beauty solutions have become more accessible than ever before. The hair care revolution is beginning now, and we’re going to show you how to be an early adopter.

Our First Insider Secret

This week, we visited a variety of beauty supply stores to ask what’s hot in both the skin and hair care worlds. Salon experts had answers, and they all pointed to the same place. 

Minimalist, straight-forward, no nonsense.

Inexpensive products formulated to combat specific beauty issues (hyperpigmentation, dryness, shine, etc.) are all the rage.

One brand in particular known for their ultra-affordable no-fillers products— The Ordinary brand— was hardly able to keep up with the demand. “They’re gone as soon as they hit the shelf,” one beauty technician informed us.

Here’s the connection to hair care— many of these best-selling skincare products have a large amount of overlap with hair.

Consider the mega-popular Vitamin C serums selling out both in-store and online across the United States. Users swear by it because it promotes brightened tone and reduces signs of aging. As it turns out, this same serum can be a game changer for your hair care regimen.

Vitamin C is packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants target damage-causing free radicals within hair strands. It also helps to alleviate solar damage.

There’s more— Vitamin C’s bacteria-eliminating properties also make it a maximum-results anti-dandruff agent. Massaging a few drops into the scalp and letting it work overnight will land you results just as fast as dandruff shampoos. Plus, it’s more natural.

Addressing the Root of the Issue

Hair Care formulations are growing more sophisticated than ever before. Our skin naturally extends up from our forehead to become our scalp, so it makes sense that a lot of these new products focus on scalp health, addressing the ‘root cause’ of the issues.

Don’t forget the scalp! Think of it like growing flowers— if you focus on the health of the soil and give it the best foundation possible, they will grow to be their very best— stronger and healthier.

Problems originating from the scalp could be the source of your hair issues which you end up spending extra time and money to alleviate.

Stop chasing hair care issues by only addressing the symptom, and instead, embrace a routine which focuses on a more holistic approach.

As mentioned earlier, Vitamin C is a game changer when it comes to scalp health, but it doesn’t stop there.

The DIY Hair Masks

We’ve revisited and retooled the at-home hair masks from our Salon Quality Blow Dry Tips article to focus on the scalp. Each targets different issues and is packed with essential ingredients.

The Antibiotic Spa Mask

You’ve probably run into some of the buzz around using carrier oils. What are they? Carrier oils help to dilute a more potent oil (or other product) so that it’s safe for contact with the body. It also helps with coverage, making sure a little product gets all the way across the surface it’s interacting with.

Here’s a chance to experiment with a carrier-oil utilizing hair mask in your own home.

Block out a spa night in your calendar— tea tree oil is so popular for a refreshing reason. The scent is refreshing and the tingle is invigorating. Mix a few drops with a tablespoon of a carrier oil of your choice (jojoba, olive, or almond oil) and let the benefits sink in. Wash out after half an hour.

Embrace the antifungal, antibiotic, and antiseptic benefits along with the relaxing at-home spa time.

Aloe & Coconut Oil Mask

We simplified last month’s recipe and maximized it for scalp results. Here’s the key to results— take a tablespoon of the aloe gel and combine it with two tablespoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of honey. Thoroughly blend the mixture together and massage into your hair. You might have to proportionally increase the amounts of each ingredient to obtain full coverage for longer hair. Wash out with a nourishing shampoo with cool water for an instantly hydrated hair and scalp

The aloe is the superhero here. Both a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent, aloe calms the scalp after a long day of activity while giving hair a magazine-grade shine boost.

The Goodbye Itch Mask

This mask focuses on rebuilding proteins in addition to eliminating itch. Mix one part witch hazel with two parts carrier oil (We mentioned some options earlier. It’s worth investigating further which works best for you) along with a few pureed strawberries.

This mask is a one-two punch for scalp itch and dryness while also revitalizing your hair with naturally sourced minerals.

Tea to the Rescue

Tea has been used for centuries, and not just for drinking. This next tip isn’t as heavy duty in the damage-repair category, but it’s a relaxing addition to a beauty routine.

Submerge yourself in a state of calm with a tea bath. Take six bags of your favorite peppermint or chamomile tea and place them into hot bathwater for a few minutes of steeping. As soon as the water reaches a comfortable temperature, climb on in.

Studies show that this practice has benefits for the skin and hair, but perhaps the biggest benefit is the stress relief. The steamy tea-scented aroma is to die for, and it’ll be melting your tense day at work away in minutes.

Looking for something with a little extra strength? Add a few drops of tea tree oil for more aroma.

This goes without saying, but please don’t drink the bathwater...

Hair Care’s Secret Weapon

Here’s where we get to brag a little. In our journey to find, test, and share the best solutions in haircare, we pushed the hair dryer to its next evolution.

 As mentioned previously, hair care has room for tons of personalization. Between shampoo, conditioner, hair serums, masks, and other insider tricks, there’s a unique regimen for everyone (and we didn’t even begin to touch on styling products…).

Part of the AER’s mission was to bring the revolution to hair styling tools— specifically the dryer. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished.

Unprecedented Personalization
Much like your go-to stylist at the salon, AER learns you. Hair texture, thickness, typical drying habits, and all. The AER professional hair dryer uses this information to streamline your drying process. It’s all available in-app with AER’s mobile phone synchronizing technology.

Artificial Intelligence
AER brings science-driven data into the picture and makes it work for you. Dialing down the heat is a proven way to combat hair damage— AER does this without sacrificing styling capability or drying power. It adapts to the humidity in the room via environmental sensors unavailable in any other drier to deliver you the best possible dry.

Coupled with tried and true methods of keeping your hair and scalp healthy, AER is the final piece in the hair care puzzle— your surefire solution to securing the best results at home.

The Future is Here

Personalization is everywhere. Personalized vitamin subscription services are disrupting the health market and showing no signs of stopping.

It’s been creeping into the food and beverage industry for decades, fueled by smartphones.

You can be sure to expect an increasingly personalized experience through all aspects of your life. AER is light years ahead, with the world’s first cordless, AI-driven hairdryer. Bring personalization to your at-home hair styling experience.

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