Take Your Work-From-Home Style To The Next Level

Keep your 'do on point (yes, even while in your PJs)

Working from home more doesn’t need to mean slacking on your style! Whether you’ve got video chat meetings you’d like to dial up to in style or if you’d just like to experiment with new looks for your personal enjoyment, the time is now.

Breaking out of your styling norm can be intimidating— we’re creatures of habit. Most of us are wired to stick to what we know, and that’s natural. It’s why we keep putting on that one sweatshirt again and again even though we’ve got four more hanging up in the back of our closet.

The same goes for your hairstyle. If you’re used to the same look, or if you’ve gotten used to not spending as much time on hair care, it can take a little nudge to try something new.

Here’s your nudge.

Grab your AER dryer and show everyone that you still mean business with these looks. Not only will you be looking your best, but you’ll be more likely to keep the momentum going and invest more in having happier, healthier-looking hair.

Let’s find your new go-to. Here’s our challenge: pick one of the looks outlined below that you’d not normally go for. Then adapt it to make it your own.

On Sleek!

Sleek ponytails (for those of us with long hair) or slicked back (for short-to-mid length) is our first go-to for a switch-up. It’s super easy, and makes for a dramatic transformation if natural hair is your norm.

The sleek look translates into an appropriate style for work and makes you look extra sophisticated. It also pairs well with a little wardrobe or makeup twist. Want this look to go the extra mile? Pop out the lips with a bright red or a powerful warm mid tone lipstick. Throw on that blazer you’ve been looking to go out in. You’ll be turning heads.

Here are some sleek looks to investigate further.

First, a glamour classic— the sleek updo with a high bun.

For this look, here are the things you’ll need to do it best:

  • A smoothing shampoo
  • A lightweight and high-shine hair serum
  • The AER ionic hair dryer
  • Gel (if you’d really like to pump up the slickness)

Use a round brush and straighten out your hair, letting the AER dryer set the heat and fan speed. The straighter the hair, the cleaner the look.

Or, try a top knot.

Same prep process, different styling. This style can be as loose or tight as you desire. Generally speaking, the cleaner the look, the more formal it’ll appear.

Get on Up!

Those with long hair can benefit from containing their hair in an updo while working.

Opt for a twisted hairstyle like the classic French twist for an easy work hairstyle. Get a professional up-do look without being too formal.

Experiment with pinning your hair up with the assistance of accessories. For a different effect, try a chunky braid updo.

Experiment with letting strands of hair fall to the front to create interest. Have fun with it!

Bun Fun!

One of the best places to rock an elegant low bun is in work from home sitch. With all the time spent indoors, you owe yourself to have a relaxed hairstyle that will still keep you feeling profesh.

Just because a look is easy, doesn’t mean it won’t look great. Try this out when you’re in a time crunch, but still want to bring it.

With this look, try a messy top bun, secure it with a fun tie, and pull out those wispies. This one is a little more casual, but super cute. Whispies gently falling around your face is super in, and it creates visual interest. It’s a great, carefree look to add to your arsenal for the summer.

Down to Business

Here’s a fun fact to break up your styling research— people feel more productive with their hair back! It’s hard to tell why this is, but the sentiment is floating around out there.

In a viral post claiming that it was easier to focus when hair was pulled back or up, thousands of people replied with similar feelings.

Some tried to explain the phenomenon scientifically via blood flow to the head and peripheral vision distraction. Who knows.

Maybe it’s just a mental cue that it’s time to get down to business (similar to rolling up your sleeves). Either way, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Go Dutch!

We can’t forget the classic Dutch braid as a work hairdo! It’s the easiest look in the book and reduces the distraction of hair around the face.

As the quintessential quick and easy hairstyle, you can opt to wear your braid to the side, or at the back for a style that you won’t have to think about all day. No maintenance required.

What’s the difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid? A Dutch braid crosses hair underneath verses over, earning it the title “reverse braid”.


Side Step!

Everything cycles back around eventually. Windbreakers, scrunchies, mini backpacks, skate brands (at 3x the price) and lingerie as daywear… we could go on. The 90s are back in full force.

Embrace throwback styles with a deep side part for a low-stakes-high-impact way to step-up your style. Incorporate this style into your look with wavy or straight hair— it’s up to you to make it your own.


Open the curtains!

Another 90s trend— but not just for the boys anymore! We’ve noticed a resurgence in this popular 90s heartthrob look sported by Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham and others. It’s swung around into the twenty-twenties with Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale.

Try bringing it to the front. Perhaps not a good fit for the home office because of focus, but it’s great elsewhere.

PS: try this look out with a middle part and adapt from there.

Finishing Up

With just a few tools, including your AER dryer, and some imagination, you can have fun and experiment with taking your style to the next level.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s to not be afraid of getting out from the shadow of our usual routine. Additionally, don’t be shy in bringing back trends from decades gone by (unless we’re talking about hairstyles from the 80s, those can stay in the photo albums).

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