How to Create Great Looks All Season Long

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Simple and Easy Go-To Styles for Every Hair Length

Every new season brings new hair trends, but how do you actually create these looks? It’s all about having the right products and tools!

Whether your hair is short, medium or long, you can effortlessly achieve this season’s new styles. Grab your favorite products and your AER Hair Dryer and let’s begin your journey to creating great looks all season long.  

How to Achieve the Latest Styles for Short Hair

There’s something sexy and carefree about a woman with a pixie cut or a short bob. It looks so effortless, and it seems like she just rolled out of bed looking fabulous.


The Messy Bob

The messy bob is everywhere. It’s edgy yet sophisticated. So how can you create this look? 

  1. It begins with the right products. To create the choppy, messy look, use a hair styling product that creates texture and hold - such as a texturizing spray. Mist this all over your damp hair and section your hair into pieces.
  2. Grab your AER Hair Dryer with concentrator attachment and a round brush. Begin to dry the first section of your hair and make sure to point your concentrator down the hair shaft - following your brush from root to tip. Also, don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight because the aim for this look is to keep it messy chic.
  3. Once your hair is dry, section your hair again and curl each part, but don’t make the curls too tight. After all the sections have been curled, run your fingers through to break up the curls. To finish up the look, take a dime-sized amount of pomade or crème and spread it through your hair. 

Quick Tip: To enhance your tousled look, rub a small amount of pomade or crème between your fingers and piece out parts of your hair. Finish the look with some hairspray to hold in place.


Sleek and Chic

Want to look poised and polished? Then it’s important to keep your hair soft and simple. 

  1. First, grab a smoothing crème and run it through every strand of hair. Next, section off your hair and grab your AER Hair Dryer with the roll brush attachment.
  2. Position the brush at the base of your roots and run it all the way through to your ends, making your hair as straight as possible. After the section is dry, run the brush through your hair again, but this time use the cold blast shot to seal the hair cuticles. This will help lock in the shine and reduce frizz.
  3. If needed, grab your flat iron and go over any sections that need a bit more straightening. 
  4. Once the desired look is achieved, run some shine serum through your hair for an extra-polished look.

Quick Tip: If you want an edgier look (think Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson), sleek your hair all the way back and set it with extra-hold hairspray.


How to Achieve the Latest Styles for Medium-Length Hair

When it comes to mid-length hair (shoulder length), there’s more versatility than ever before in looks you can create. Mid-length hair can be styled so many different ways, you could have a new look every single day.


Beachy Waves

Seen on the red carpet and the runway, the beachy wave look hits the sweet spot between straight and wavy. It’s one of the most popular styles of the season, but has the staying power of a classic style by giving you the best of both worlds – a little bit wavy and a little bit straight. 

  1. Start off with damp hair, grab your favorite smoothing crème and run it throughout your hair. Next, use your AER Hair Dryer and dry your hair until it is about 90% dry. Then section off your hair. 
  2. Keep in mind that you’re aiming to achieve a windblown, easy texture. For loose, natural waves, use a large barrel curling iron, wrap each section around the barrel, and let it slide off almost immediately. You don’t want any tight curls with this look, just a nice bend.
  3. As a final step, add a bit of shine serum. And if you want more texture for that just-left-the beach look, use a sea salt spray.


Side-Swept Curls with a New Part

One of the easiest ways to change up your look is to change your part. If you normally part your hair down the middle, part it from the side. If you normally part from the side, try parting it down the middle. 

  1. When your hair is damp, take a comb and create your new part. Once you’ve done this, take a bit of smoothing crème and run it through all of your hair. Using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, make sure you remove all kinks and knots. 
  2. Next, section your hair into parts. 
  3. Grab your AER Hair Dry and the diffuser attachment. The diffuser will help you achieve those bouncy waves and minimize frizz. Start off twisting your hair into the desired wavy shape you want. Next, place your curls into the diffuser and turn it on. Your AER Hair Dryer is equipped with Smart Dry Technology, which means your dryer is generating the perfect amount of heat to dry your hair quickly without damaging your strands. Repeat this motion until all your curls are perfectly defined to your liking.
  4. As a finisher, use a texturizing spray to keep your waves in place.


How to Achieve the Latest Styles for Long hair 

There is just something so stunning about thick, beautiful, long hair. However, it can be overwhelming when it comes to styling these long tresses. With the AER Hair Dryer, these styles can be effortlessly beautiful. 


Sleek & Straight

  1. To achieve this classic look, start by running a smoothing crème through your hair and section it off. 
  2. Using your AER Dryer, attach the concentrator nozzle and get a round brush. Position your brush under the first section of hair and point your AER Dryer down the hair shaft - be sure to follow the brush as you pull it through your hair. Once the section is dry and straight, move on to the next section. To seal your hair, go over each section with a cold blast from your AER Dryer. After you have completely dried all of the sections, grab your straighter and go over all the sections again for that super sleek look.
  3. Lastly, add a bit of shine serum for extra sheen.


Bombshell Locks

This look is timeless. It carries us through every decade and may slightly change with the times, but there’s no denying the bombshell look is quintessentially feminine. 

  1. Begin with damp hair and run a smoothing crème throughout your hair. 
  2. Next, section off your hair. Using your AER Hair Dryer with the roll brush attachment, begin with the first section and push up at the roots to add a bit of volume. Then run the roll brush from roots to ends. As you approach your ends, begin to spin the brush to curl your hair and add a bit of wave and bounce. Do this for each section until you achieve soft, wavy curls throughout your hair.
  3. If you need a bit more definition, go through any sections with a wide barrel curling iron. 
  4. Finish the look off with a light hairspray. 

Quick Tip: To really add volume, flip your head over and blast the bottom layers of your hair with your AER Dryer.


Expert Tips for Any Hair Length


Add some Fringe

One trend is popping up all over the place: bangs. There is something very alluring about fringe - it adds a bit of mystery and is both chic and youthful. It can be paired with any hair length and flatter any face shape.

It is also one of the easiest ways to update your look and stay on trend without changing anything else!

When it comes to bangs, maintenance is key. Depending on how you cut your bangs - and how fast your hair grows - you will probably have to get them trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks. 

The styling of your bangs and how they frame your face is key to your look.

  1. Start off with damp hair and section off your bangs from the rest of your hair. Then section your bangs into layers. 
  2. Using the concentrator attachment on you AER Hair Dryer, begin drying your bangs with a small round brush, layer by layer. It’s best to dry them side to side and then finally straight down your face. 
  3. Once the bangs are completely dry, go over the layers with a straightener to make them even sleeker.


Chic or Messy Bun

If you’re on the go and don’t have the time to do a polished look, you can still keep it stylish. A bun is quick and easy so you can get out the door fast. Best of all, this can be done with clean hair or next-day hair.

If your hair is wet:

  1. Grab your AER Hair Dryer and a smoothing serum. Run the smoothing serum through your hair and dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. 
  2. Using your hands or a brush, pull all your hair up towards the middle of you crown and secure with a hair tie. Twirl the hair around the hair tie and secure in place with bobby pins. Smooth down any bumps and use hairspray to seal the look.

If your hair is dry or is next-day hair:

  1. Grab your brush and a texturizing spray. Brush any kinks or knots out of your hair, and pull it back to the middle of your crown. Secure with a hair tie. 
  2. If you want to make it a messy bun, use your texturizing spray and run your fingers through to add a bit of body. 
  3. Twirl your hair around the hair tie, but don’t worry about making the bun too perfect – the messier, the better – and secure it down with bobby pins. 
  4. Feel free to pull out any strands to frame your face and finish off with hairspray. 


This is just a starting point – don’t let it stop you from styling your own unique ways or letting your look evolve. No matter what length your hair is right now, it’s easy to achieve the latest styles with the AER Hair Dryer. Cheers to no more bad hair days!