It All Begins with the Right Hair Brush

We all want to achieve salon-worthy hairstyles, but how is the question.  While AER Dryer produces professional grade hair drying power, it is the hair brush you use that will guide its results.  In order to get the perfect blowout at home, you will need the right hairbrush to accompany your AER hairdryer. So where do you begin your search for the perfect hairbrush?


Photo by: Syda Productions // Adobe Stock

Photo by: Syda Productions // Adobe Stock

1. Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type, and the look you want to create, will help you decide which brush is right for you while drying your hair.

If you have fine to medium hair, and want to create movement, a ceramic round brush is ideal for you. Plus, when used with your AER dryer, you will have the added bonus of ionic technology. This combination not only dries your hair faster, but it also leaves you with silkier, smoother hair. This is why most hairstylists favor ceramic-coated barrels when styling their client’s hair.

If you have thick, coarse hair, you will also benefit from using a ceramic brush because it adds extra shine. However, another option that works well with this type of hair is a round brush with boar bristles. Boar bristles provide the right amount of tension, without snagging or pulling on roots, needed to create smoothness. 

2. Size Does Matter

Go Big:

“The bigger the brush, the smoother the hair,” says Rodney Cutler, celebrity hairstylist.

Why is this? The bigger the barrel, the less likely you are to get it tangled in your hair. A bigger barrel easily glides through your hair with little effort.

The best way to use a round brush is to place it under a section of hair, starting at the root. Point your hair dryer, with concentrator attachment, down the shaft of the hair. Slowly roll the brush down your hair and follow with your hair dryer.'

Go Small:

Of course, a big brush is not one size fits all. If you have bangs or shorter hair, reach for a small round brush. A smaller brush will hold better tension and help you achieve your desired look faster.

3. At the Core

The next thing to look at when buying a brush is the barrel.

If your goal is to achieve smoothness quickly, then reach for a brush with a metal core. The metal core heats up with the heat from your hairdryer. Quick note, remember to keep drying time to a minimum when using this type of brush since it can be more damaging than other brushes. This brush is better suited for those with fine to medium hair.

If you are prone to flyaways or have coarse hair, it is better to skip the metal core altogether and stick with a traditional boar brush with a ceramic core. Boar bristles will provide the right amount of tension, and the ceramic core will protect and seal your hair. Metal brushes usually don’t have as many bristles, and therefore don’t provide enough tension needed for a smooth look. This means when you repeatedly run the brush through your hair the metal core damages your strands. 

4. Alternative to the Round Brush

For those of you who are not fans of the round brush – we got you covered!

If you want to keep it simple, reach for a sculpting brush. A sculpting brush comes with bristles that aim to smooth and soften your strands, while also reducing static as you blow dry your hair.

If you have truly unruly hair, we’re guessing the thought of a round brush makes you cringe! You can also use a detangling brush. The bristles on a detangling brush are designed to be gentle and tug-free, and they pull through tangles with ease.

For short hair, we recommend a blast from the past: the plastic vent brush. This brush was very popular in the ’90s; however, it is still great for styling short hair – especially pixie cuts. The wide bristles detangle and dry hair with ease, allowing you to achieve posh or polished looks quickly!

A fan of boar bristles, but not a round brush? Then check out a curved boar bristle paddle brush. Just like a round brush, the paddle brush offers the same amount of tension while styling your hair. Another bonus of boar bristle: it helps disperse the natural oils of your hair, ultimately leaving you with sleek, bouncy, and shiny hair.

5. If You’re Still Not Sure What is Best for Your Hair

If all these options have your head spinning, the best thing to do is talk to your hairstylist and get their professional recommendation. Your stylist can take a look at your style and texture and point you in the right direction. They can also show you their tips and tricks for using the recommended brush with your hairdryer. Then, you can finally pull off a salon-fresh blowout at home.


We hope that these brush tips help set you up for style success every time you use your AER Dryer! All it takes is a little self-discovery to find out what is perfect for you because as we know, great style always begins with the right products and the right tools!