How to Get the Best Blowout at Home

DIY Blow Dry Tips

Photo by: Jenn Duong

Whether you are jetting off to another city to attend an important meeting or dashing out the door to get the kids to school – your time is valuable and every second matters. You have a lot to do and AER is ready to keep up with you. Below we share our pro tips to help you get the best blowout at-home, on the go or wherever you are off to with your cordless AER Hair Dryer!

  • Use The Right Attachment
  • Your AER Dryer comes with attachments that are created to help you achieve your desired style with ease. Each attachment serves a specific purpose and we will take you through how each one works. 

    Concentrator attachment:

    The concentrator attachment is designed to help you shape the sleekest hairstyles. It is perfect for straightening kinks, curls, bangs and waves. 

    Don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from the professionals!

    Glamsquad’s creative director, Giovanni Vaccaro believes, “a nozzle is a must for a smooth finish!” 

    Not only can a concentrator help you achieve smoothness, but did you know it can protect your hair too? Vaccaro continues to say, “The nozzle provides distance between the hair and the lip of the dryer, which is the hottest point. Additionally, the nozzle keeps the airflow concentrated, and without it, the hot air disperses, causing undesirable frizz.” 

    How to use your concentrator:

    It’s easy! First, divide your hair into 1-inch sections. Next, taking one section at a time, place your hair on top of a round brush starting at the root. Make sure the brush has a bit of a grip on your hair. Then, point your hair dryer with the nozzle pointed down the shaft of your hair, and slowly start to pull your brush towards the tips of your hair. 

    Pro tip: If you want added shine, repeat this step, but use the cold blast to seal the cuticles.

    Diffuser attachment:

    Are you a lover of curly hair? If you answered yes, AER’s diffuser attachment is going to be your best friend!

    How to use your diffuser:

    Start by sectioning your hair into 1-inch pieces. Then, one section at a time, drop your hair into the diffuser and push the diffuser towards your roots. Repeat until the desired look is achieved, and finish off with a quality finishing crème of your choice. 

    If you want to lock the curls in place, use hairspray – but remember, at a distance and with a light touch!

    Pro-Tip: If you’re looking to quickly add more volume, lifting from the root is key. According to Kérastase celebrity stylist, Jennifer Yepez, “If you don’t have a lot of time, or you’re not a professional and you want volume, a great tip is to flip the hair upside down and brush it so that your roots are going the opposite direction.” Be sure to do this while adding a final blast of heat with your hair dryer. Alternatively, if you don’t have a brush on hand, you can also use a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers will do the trick! 

  • Let Your Hair Set
  • “Great things are worth the wait.” 

    See if you can recall a time when you were baking a really amazing dessert and pulled it out of the oven. The recipe told you to let it rest for 10 minutes before serving, right? Why did the recipe suggest this crucial step? Well because your dessert needed to set, and guess what? So does your hair!

    Before you pull your brush away, let your hair relax. Celebrity stylist, Rodney Cutler says, "Letting your hair cool down on the brush before moving on to the next section will make your style longer lasting." Cutler adds, "It will actually set it.” 

    What exactly does this mean? By letting your hair cool down and set, you basically save yourself from having to repeat the whole process the next day. See now that it’s worth a few extra seconds to let your hair cool down? We knew you would agree!

    P.S. This is why a professional salon blowout lasts so long! A little pro secret from us to you. You’re welcome!

  • You’re Ready!
  • Now that you are equipped with stylish pro-tips, achieving your hair goals will be a breeze! Have fun creating salon worthy hairstyles with your AER Hairdryer at home or wherever life takes you. We believe in you, gorgeous!