How to Get a Salon Blowout without a Salon

There’s nothing quite like that glamorous feeling after a fresh blowout at the salon. But it can be nerve-racking to try to recreate that magic at home. With a little patience and the right tools, you can get a smooth and sleek blowout without spending a fortune at the salon.

 It all starts with your hair dryer

A great hair dryer is the most important tool in your blowout arsenal. 

One of the most important factors is how comfortable it feels in your hand because, let’s face it, a good blowout takes time. The AER Hair Dryer is specially made with an ergonomic grip so it’s easy to hold and handle. The AER Hair Dryer’s compact and portable design means it’s lightweight for long blowout sessions, and it’s cordless so you never have to worry about getting tangled up while you work.  

Your blow dryer should also come with a tapered concentrator attachment for the sleekest looks and a cool setting to seal your style. (Spoiler alert: AER Hair Dryer comes with both!)

 Find the right round brush

 A set of round brushes in a variety of sizes will let you customize the amount of bounce you give your hair.

 Choose a round brush based on the length of your hair – the longer your hair, the bigger the round brush you’ll need. For short hair, try a 1.5”-2” brush; for medium hair, try a 1.5”-3” brush; for long hair, try a 3”-5” brush.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a straighter, sleeker style, invest in a paddle brush. For fine hair, choose a100% boar bristle brush and for thick chair, choose a brush with both nylon and boar bristles.

Prep your hair with blowout-friendly products

Start by washing and conditioning your hair with an alcohol- and sulfate-free volumizing shampoo and conditioner. 

If you have dry or curly hair, apply a deep conditioning hair mask to make your hair as soft and manageable as possible. If you have finer hair, apply a light conditioner just to your ends to avoid weighing down hair.

Then apply a heat-protectant to help prevent heat damage.

Your last prep step is the #1 secret to a perfect blowout every time: Apply a thickening or volumizing spray or mousse to your roots before you start to blow dry your hair. This will allow the hair to lift at the roots and give you that professional look without a sticky feeling. 

Pre-dry your hair 

Here’s another salon secret: Blow dry hair until it’s almost dry before you start your blowout. This will help hold the style longer and prevent breakage during your blowout. 

After you’ve applied your styling products, flip your hair upside down and blast your roots with your dryer until it’s about 70% dry. This will deliver maximum volume for your blowout. If you have thick or coarse hair, use the hottest setting. If your hair texture is medium or fine, use the medium heat setting. 

If you’re not looking for crazy volume, simply rake your fingers through your hair and gently tousle it while blow drying to about 70% dry. 

Dry your hair in sections with the “pull and roll” technique

Once your hair is mostly dry, you can start blowing out your hair with a round brush. 

First, attach your concentrator nozzle to your blow dryer. This will prevent frizz to give you a sleek and silky look.

Next, grab your sectioning clips and separate your hair into five sections: two at the sides, one on top and two in the back

Within each section, take a smaller 1 ½” section of hair, pull it tight with your round brush, and angle the blow dryer down your hair – this will add shine while preventing frizz and flyaways. Use the medium heat setting for thin or medium-weight hair. For thick or coarse hair, use your dryer’s hottest setting. 

Then dry your hair with the “pull and roll” technique:

  • Hold the dryer an inch or two above your hair and go slow for best results.
  • Start with your hairbrush at the root of your hair. Make sure you don’t overtwist the brush. To catch your hair on the brush, do a small quarter-inch turn. 
  • Slowly pull your hair brush toward the end of your hair, following along with the hair dryer.
  • Once you reach the end of your hair, roll the hair brush toward the root and pull toward the end of your hair again. 

Pro Tip: To prevent arm fatigue, hold the dryer by the nozzle, not the handle. Use your right hand to dry the right half of your head, and then switch to your left hand for the other half.

Once you start on a new section of hair, be sure not to touch the previous section, and to let the style set. Go through each section only once, which will give you a much softer blowout and better results than if you run through each section multiple times.

Finally, blast the roots in each section with cool air for a few seconds to lock in the style.

Make it last

To make your blowout last longer and maximize time between washes, don’t touch your hair too often. Our hands contain natural oils and dirt that can build up on hair and make it go limp more quickly.

The next time you want a salon-quality blowout, make sure you have AER Hair Dryer and attachments to achieve the perfect look at home – and to get a little closer to blowout nirvana.