Holiday Hair Trends Winter 2020

Ok, so maybe your season is looking a little different this year. Worried the holiday virtual party won’t be as merry? You’re not alone. But brightening up your look and doing something new with your hair might be just the way to keep your spirits up and get into the holiday mood.

Freshen up your seasonal look with winter accessories, trendy styles, or an adventurous new color. Whether you’re heading out or logging in from your living room, the AER Beauty Journal is rounding up some of the most fashionable hairstyles for you to help get your party on this season.

The Side Halo Braid

This unique style makes an especially good Christmas party hairstyle––maybe it's the European influence that evokes the snowy lands of the north. Perhaps it's the evergreen popularity  of the “Elsa” braid. Whatever the draw, the side plait is always a good go-to for the holiday hair braids.

Here’s How:

  • Wash hair and comb to one side, thoroughly drying with the AER cordless hair dryer in the same direction on one side of your head
  • Once dry, use a hair clip to hold the the longer ends in the back and on the side out of the way
  • Starting with your head to one side, begin to do a french braid working your way around the top of the head for a halo braid
  • For a loose side braid, choose one focal point and plait around the side of the head, pinning to hold in place
  • Finish with some hair spray and add a few bits of baby’s breath flowers tucked into the braid for a festive winter effect

Braids can also be a great way to add in some flowers or a jeweled hair pins for an extra bit of glam. Go big with the braid decor to look extra dressed up at your Christmas fete.

The Pearl Headband

It's no secret that the knotted, bedazzled headband is a trend that is really going strong. The best news about this hair trend? It's easy and can be one of the fastest ways to turn a bad hair day around. One of the most popular styles for a holiday event is the pearl-beaded headband, which helps bring a classic look to any hair texture. 

How to Rock the Headband:

  • Start with a headband that is thicker and doesn’t go all the way around your head.
  • Pick a special headband that is either encrusted with pearls or sports a knotted top
  • Choose a hairstyle to pair it with - either a full ponytail or hair left down usually works best.
  • Make a wave with your hair - for extra charm do loose curls while leaving your hair down, finishing with a sparkle hair spray for an added touch

Invest in a headband that is made of good material and that offers some extra bling. You’re guaranteed to get use out of it not only for the holidays, but also as a great formal staple.

Waves with Jeweled Hair Accessories

Don’t let the fresh snow outside be the only thing to sparkle. Bring some attention to your mane with a few jeweled or studded hair pins. It's a great way to add dimension to dark stands, dress up any outfit, and keep your hair out of your face while adding a romantic flair to your tresses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing and matching styles.

Here are some tips on how to achieve the look:

  • Curl your hair first to create loose waves using a wand or rollers
  • Consider practicing a few patterns on a flat surface when working with multiple hair pin styles - this will help you determine what looks best before you have to commit to pinning down your carefully curled hair
  • If you have different colored jewel pins try experimenting with an ombre effect to mimic the latest jewelry trends
  • Work in sections, pin down your hair starting at the top of your head
  • Only do one side when using 4 or more hair pins - you want it to look glam, not busy
  • Finish with a light hairspray or gel to hold hair and pins in place

Buying a few fun hair pins this holiday season is also a nice way to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Pinning up in style is the perfect way to create a cute New Years Eve look with some sparkle to brighten up your face.

Fresh Platinum Hair

Think you’re read for a whole bold new color this season? No better time to bring the winter whites to your hair. While the grey look is slowly fading on the trend meter, the platinum locks look has never been stronger. Bring out your inner snow queen with a bright new shade of platinum.

Here are some things to consider when going light: 

  • For Dark Hair - know that this may take several trips to the salon for a bleaching process for the color to show up, depending on how thick and dark your hair is For Blonde Hair - Use your light base as a springboard for a shade of ultra pale platinum
  • Using a low heat blow dryer on colored hair is crucial for maintaining hair health–– make sure you know how heat can affect your new coloring
  • No matter what color you are starting with make sure to head to the professionals to achieve your platinum tone. Box dyes or DIY peroxides are sure to strip hair leaving it damaged or worse - orange

Maybe opting for a bold new hair color has always been a daunting endeavor for you. Luckily there has never been a better time to try it than now. Experimenting with hair color in the winter is optimal because you can always hide under a hat if you’re not sure about the result. On the flip side, lightening your locks may be just the ticket to illuminating your face for the cheery holiday parties to come.

Final Thoughts

Exploring a fun new style for the holiday season is a great way to lift your spirits and get into the party mood - even if the party is just virtual. Keeping your hair healthy is the most ideal building block for any hair style. Utilizing tools like the AER dryer, which has a built in ionizer and AI tech to make sure your hair is always dried––not fried, is a great place to start. While we all may have less on the events calendar for this Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years celebrations, it's never a bad idea to dress up and look your best while trying something new.

So go bold and see how trying a new hair trend can light up your holiday!