Falling For Fall: The 2020 Seasonal Looks

Why Fall is Perfect for Hair

There’s something about the start of September that’s uniquely motivating. Whether it’s gearing up for school or the upcoming fall season, there’s a stir of excitement for achieving new goals and turning over a new leaf. Maybe it’s another chance to get organized, to pursue dreams, or to live with greater intention before the year ends and we’re on to the next. In fact, some trend reports show that people who get started on their New Year’s resolutions are far more likely to carry them out to completion. It’s about intention and momentum. Let’s face it— when things get hectic, personal care can be one of the first areas to slip through the cracks.

For some of us, the days might be flying by or blending together. It’s the perfect time to increase mindfulness and set ourselves up for our own fresh start. Our hair is no different—and it's one of the easiest and most impactful ways to shake things up. There’s no better time than now to get a head start. That includes spending a little extra time on you.

There’s a lot to be inspired by in the autumn season. The color palettes are rich and comforting. The season also allows for the nuance of neutrals. It's a great time to revel in the exploration of the subtlety between various shades of creams and browns (we’ll touch on this later as it relates to one of our top 2020 trend highlights). 

There are also a lot of styling inspirations which are derived from nature itself. The outdoors are at a visual peak as well as being more accessible than ever. There are tons of events engineered around enjoying fall weather and the changing colors. Switching it up a little to take advantage of seasonal looks just brings an even deeper enjoyment to Fall. Trust us, if you’re not dialling up the fall fun, you’re missing out.

The Show-Stopping Copper Look

First stop: copper tones (no, not the sunscreen). One shade that's taking off this season is high-drama— a bright, glossy, surprisingly flattering shade of burnished copper. It’s the sweet spot between a striking yet safe hair switch-up. Think Emma Stone. Jessica Chastain. The best part? It’s just as natural on Hollywood A-listers as it is a try-it-yourself look. There’s a certain self-consciousness which ties itself to bold hair looks, but this hot trend works on nearly everyone.  


We can expect red tones to dominate hair-color trends starting... right now. Red and copper tones are going to make a strong statement this season. Let this traffic-stopping hue be the inspiration you need to freshen your hair (and energy) this August. It’s safe to say that your hair will be setting the tone for your adventurous autumn and fiery new attitude. 

Here are some additional ways to get the most out of your new copper look:

Crank Up the Shine with Hair Oil

Copper is metallic, and your hair... isn’t. However, bringing some natural luster into your look is totally possible. In fact, you’ll be serving increasingly eye-catching looks while simultaneously nourishing your hair.

Hair oils. We’ve all heard of them, but chances are you haven’t incorporated them into your beauty regimen. Let hair oils be absent from your cabinets no longer. Go ahead and remove your preconceptions about oils clogging up your hair.

The best oils (available at pretty affordable prices at popular beauty retailers) are featherlight and work wonders without the messiness. You’ll be pushing your hair’s shine to the max in no time. 

Turn Heads by Embracing Ultra-Smooth Hair

Frizz-be-gone. While debuting your new cut and color may be a striking first step, there’s an equally dramatic statement which can be made in the details. Coloring your hair can lead to a fried, uneven texture. Healthy hair is attractive hair, so here’s how to keep it looking immaculate.

First up, use the AER dryer for all your daily at-home styling post-salon visit. Heat is your worst enemy after a fresh cut and color. The AER dryer senses the most efficient heat setting to use for your dry, leaving you with a luxury-grade blowout. It’ll keep the new look you’ve just invested time and money into looking better for longer.

Next, use a natural smoothing shampoo. Avoid the harsh chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances found in many products. Find a smoother with natural fragrance and nourishing ingredients.

Lastly, don’t overwash. And condition, condition, condition. Play your cards right with smart hair maintenance and your copper look will be at its peak for longer than the leaves on the trees.

Stunning Accessorization

Add an extra layer to your new look with hair accessories. Your new copper color pairs differently with clips and ties. Don’t write off accessorization if you haven’t struck gold with it quite yet— your new tone might surprise you with its customizable versatility. 

Where to start? Throw it back to vintage charm. Support local small businesses by shopping at thrift stores and individual-run boutiques. They’re loaded with accessories, whether they’re intended as one, or whether you find something you can repurpose.


Images from @gucci on Instagram

Gucci has been enchanting the beauty world with a lineup of old-world sophistication for its late summer collection. We see unique, conversation-starting accessorization as a late 2020 highlights this fall season. Go vintage, go bold. 

The Wet Look

Wet look hair was a recurring theme on the runways in early 2020, but while it can be a tricky trend to wear IRL, this season the tone of the trend was semi-wearable. Take your lead from Lanvin where the hair was swept back with super-shine, a look that was slightly more lacquered at Versace.

The world is primed to be more creative than ever. You might be surprised with how accessible high-fashion looks are becoming. While we can’t speak for the creative landscape for years to come, we can say that now is the perfect time to be daring.


Images from @mileycyus on Instagram

Miley Cyrus has also been sporting this look throughout the last year in both music videos and live performances of her new droplet singles. The dramatic look has racked up a lot of online attention and seen an increase in style how-tos during salon visits. We’re here to save you the trip or text to your stylist with a step-by-step guide to achieving the wet look yourself.

Your Wet-Look Shopping List

  • Shine Cream for the glossy, wet look
  • Hair Gel for shine and hold
  • Hair Spray for finishing touches
  • Comb for precision details and texture

The Steps

  1. Blow dry hair. Contrary to expectations, this look starts with dry, not wet hair. Blow dry your hair into the shape you later want to style, to the back or to one side.
  2. Straighten the hair, keeping it close to the head.
  3. Spread the gel, going for a hazelnut-sized amount. Take it between your fingers and rub it into your dry hair. Add more product as needed.
  4. Use a fine-toothed comb for a sleek finish. For a more textured look, a chunkier comb works best.
  5. Comb back and set with hairspray, blow drying a little more– done!


Inspired By Neutrals in Nature

Mushroom brown is all about exploring the subtlety of neutrals. We mentioned earlier how exploring nuance is a trend to watch, here’s where it takes off. Oftentimes, we get caught up in thinking that hair color transitions need to be drastic– brown to platinum, or blonde to red. While a radical shakeup is great, it can box us out of considering that our new favorite hair color may only be a few shades away from our natural tone.

There’s a big world to explore in browns and blondes. Think about what your hair would look like if it were lifted two levels lighter and then toned a little cooler. It isn’t just your hair that’ll be looking refreshed. Even the most subtle of hair alterations can completely change the appearance of the complexion of your skin as well as the clothes you wear. Need a new closet? Switch up your hair tone. What you wear is guaranteed to hit differently.

Think about mushrooms. They aren’t a flat color– they’re painted streaks of blending earth tones and gorgeous neutrals. The same effect can be applied to your hair. Add a few cool-toned highlights to add interest. Flare your ends with a shade which pairs beautifully with the body of your hair. Your stylist can help you create a look that’s right for you. Spend a night collecting inspiration and head into the salon with a vision you’re excited about.

Reclaiming Angular Hair

Let’s take a look at the powerful styles of Black beauty. The Triangle Cut. This angular cut is exciting, movement-based, and classic. For this look, the roots are flattened down, allowing for the roots to take the spotlight. It’s wildly expressive, and a cultural staple.

Our favorite part of this look is the room it creates to embrace one’s natural curl pattern. This look is easy to obtain, and radiates both beauty and strength. It’s also a hairstyle rooted in resistance.

Traditionally avoided, triangular hair has been seen as a hair effect to “fix” or alter. Communities have reclaimed this look with power and attitude. It’s leaked its way into fashion and cinema and shows no signs of stopping.

It’s both a notable and exciting moment in hair culture which deserves special attention in our trend roundup.

What’s-Not-To-Love Lilac

Finally, we arrive at the most daring of our 2020 fall trend list. An unavoidably unique smoked up shade of lilac.

Bear with us. This may be the perfect time to depart from the commonplace and embrace the oddity of the irregular. It can be adapted from more vivid purple, to a smokier silver. It’s cool and magnetically fun. And hey, if you get any questioning comments, you can say it’s for your upcoming halloween party costume…

You can read up on other dramatic color looks in one of our August posts Bold Color— Daring is the New Norm.

Final Thoughts

A professional new cut and color calls for a hair dryer with matching levels of excellence. We’re adamant that a new look should be displayed loud and proud for as long as you want, but oftentimes, there’s a lot that can get in the way of that look preservation.

It’s a fact: abrasive dryers destroy hair. Especially color-treated hair. There’s nothing more frustrating than your expensive new salon look not lasting as long as you’d like. AER is dedicated toward equipping our community with whatever they need to stay confident and expressive– whether that looks like designing hair care’s most revolutionary tool in decades, or our rigorous commitment to creating discussions about hair health, or keeping you kept up with exciting trends.

We’d also like to send out a special message to the small businesses keeping the beauty world turning. Thank you to the salons for adapting to a hectic world, to the thrift and consignment stores for keeping us inspired with accessories, and to all the workers for keeping us safe.

Keep exploring, experimenting, and enjoying the season.