Change Your Hair, Boost Your Mood

What If We Told You...

When you look better, you feel better. We’d guess most of you agree with this idea. What if we told you there’s more to this assertion than just a catchy phrase? Appearance and self -esteem are closely linked to mood, productivity in and out of the office, and other types of general wellbeing.

We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. We’ve come to you this week with some convincing research. Read on, and we’ll touch on real studies, routine tips, and some fun ways to boost your mood.

Setting The Scene

The alarm rings. This marks the beginning of your increasingly speedy get-ready-for-work routine. Admit it, you’ve pushed the alarm back as far as possible the past few weeks to squeeze in as much sleep as possible. We’re all there, it’s not just you.

First things first— your morning routine. If you’re the fitness type, maybe this looks like a glass of water and a brief morning stretch and weigh in. If you’re like the rest of us, it looks like a few minutes of phone scrolling and a half-asleep crawl to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee.

Eventually, you’re confronted with the bathroom mirror to get ready for the morning’s first (virtual) meeting or school drop off. Here’s where our argument begins. Admit it: unruly hair or a pimple (or three) has the uncanny ability of throwing you off your game for the first half of the day.

Is it too much to ask to look good and feel good right out of the gate? The meetings can be attended more confidently and you’re more likely to engage in parking lot conversations at the dropoff line instead of wishing you’d have gone with the darkest possible tinted windows on your new SUV. 

As much as we don’t want to admit it, our appearance plays a heavy hand into our confidence, and our confidence supercharges our ability to seize the day. This isn’t a call for the infamous ten step korean skincare and a round of botox. There are ways to switch up our look and boost our mood without costly or time-consuming solutions.

Get Back On Track

The easiest fix is getting back into sync with our personal style. This isn’t extreme makeover, this is a dash of structure.

What better time than the first month of 2021? This is the time when we’re most in tune with our strengths and weaknesses. We’re more likely to try something new or stick to a schedule. This is an opportunity to dial back in on those New Year’s resolutions!

Let’s start by laying out some of the things that cause early morning hair panic.

  • Heat Damaged Hair makes for uncooperative hair strands. We don’t have the time for a shower or full blowout every morning. So how do we deal with frustratingly obstinate hair? By proactively reducing damage. This means using heat protectant spray before styling with hot tools. This is also a great time to mention that the AER dryer won’t ever fry your hair. It dries just as fast using AI-calculated heat and fan speeds, assisted by a DC ionizer.
  • Lifeless Hair needs a little pick-me-up every once in a while. Use a deep conditioner twice weekly. This will ease the hair strand and work on resurfacing the damaged surface using surfactants found in the conditioning treatment. After continued use, styling will be easier and you won’t be fighting against your damaged hair’s unruliness. Think of it as a hairstyle 911.
  • Maintain Healthy Hair by being smart throughout the week. Catching some rays on vacation? Come ready with a UV-blocking hair serum to protect your hair from drying sun damage. Skip your next shampoo this weekend if you’re staying home. Any little opportunity you get to protect your hair health is one you should take. Little decisions add up fast!

The consideration of these little hair health pointers in your day-to-day hair care routine helps to make styling easier. This means less 7AM hair emergencies— more good hair days. Embrace the accompanying confidence, you earned it.

The Power of Rituals

No, not Shakesperian double, double toil and trouble— we’re talking about planned self-care actions you perform in a specific order or time to maintain consistency. For example, some writers write in a specific location at a specific time to signal to their subconscious that it’s time to operate from a creative, productive headspace.

So what does this have to do with hair care? Let’s start with a side story. A Medium article titled “Your Addiction Is More About Your Rituals” claimed that the behaviors surrounding a certain activity can be more powerful to the brain than the actual activity. An example of this? Coffee. An avid coffee-drinker isn’t just in it for the caffeine buzz. It’s more complex than this.

First, the built habit and familiarity of having a beverage at a certain time is rewarding to the brain. It’s a maintained pattern which enjoyment is derived from. We can become addicted to repeating a task every day for the sake of order and the satisfaction of completion. Maintaining a Snapchat streak is another great example of this.

Second, the activities surrounding the task. The coffee doesn’t instantly appear. You either have a specific way you prepare your morning pick-me-up, or you have a certain environment (your favorite coffee shop) you repeatedly expose yourself to in the process. Your brain is logging all the little sensations behind your coffee experience: the radio in the background of the coffee shop, the hiss of the brewing machine, the tear of the sugar packet, the feeling of the cup in your hand, etc.

All this to say, the actions surrounding a task are directly connected to the repetitive and rewarding power of a routine. This is how built habits are so hard to break, especially rewarding ones.

The same rules apply for hair care. Turn hair-healthy habits into exciting rituals, and you’re on the right track to creating an immersive experience instead of just another check box on the have-to-do list.

Here are some ways to make hair care rewarding.

  • Use a product from a brand that gets you excited. Is there a certain brand that gives you an entire experience from using it? Some products do more than just provide an intended use— they create community and feel rewarding. Treat yourself to a luxury natural conditioner so the conditioning step of your routine becomes something you look forward to.
  • Spice up the routine. What if you listen to new music every time you do a hair mask? What if you make tea before, and drink it during your routine? Use little anchors like these to sweeten the deal and create more mental connections to the ritual.
  • Track measurable progress. Some people on weight loss journeys become excited to hop on the scale and see hard-earned results. The same can be done with hair care! Take a daily photo of hair texture and watch as your routine soothes the storm— creating softer, shinier, more luxurious hair. Results are harder to catch when you see it every day. Photo benchmarks show you just how big the payoff is.

What Psychology Has To Say

Psychologists assert that having daily routines and rituals can help to build purpose at the smallest levels. It creates feelings of both safety and normalcy. Familiarity can be very grounding and comforting. A ritual with a constructive long-term element adds an additional dimension of future purpose. 

A New York Times article titled “Look Your Best, Feel Your Best” argues that appearance isn’t always as vain as it’s painted out to be. “Beauty is not necessarily frivolous, it’s empowering, and improves your state of mind.” If beauty is something that raises our overall mood and participation with the world around us, it’s something worth investing in.

Looking good also gives us a sense of control over ourselves. Makeup is a creative outlet and expressive tool. Experts continually remind us that most communication is non-verbal. This is reinforced by the old adage “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. While this isn’t always true, it does serve as a reminder that non-verbal communication is a huge part of interaction.

Our physical appearance is a key contributor to how our actions are interpreted. Confidence is key.

AER Looks Good On You

The AER dryer offers an experience. From the ergonomic counter-worthy design to the luxury functionality, AER is a tool that begs to be put to work on creating your style of the day. Healthy hair is the cornerstone of looking great. What better tool to use than one engineered around the very challenge of obtaining the intersection between hair health-centered drying and professional styling?

Sometimes your rituals need some flexibility. AER’s cordless functionality allows it to be used anywhere, making sure you’re able to maintain your routine, even when you’re on the run. Habits are important, and we’re here to remove as many barriers as possible between you and your beauty goals.

Your beauty routine should be fun, rewarding, and highly noticeable. AER is here to add you to the beauty family.