Blow Your Colleagues Away with Zoom-Ready Hair

Tips for getting your hair situation sorted, stat.

Let’s face it— the Era of endless Zoom meetings is here to stay, at least for a while longer. “Face-to-face” video chatting is our new normal. But not to worry: we’ve put together a guide to help you get in the Zoom-ready headspace. Whether we’re going into the office or in our home office, we want to look our best. Read on to find out how to look better than ever— no salon required. Additionally, we take a look at how the AER battery operated blow dryer can bring you cordless, salon quality results to help streamline your touch-up routine. Let’s dive right in.

First things first: you are not getting ready for an actual face-to-face meeting. Video calls are a whole separate game with a whole separate set of rules. Use this more common meeting platform to your advantage. By this point, we’ve all learned to just throw on a nice article of clothing from the waist up and rock our comfy sweatpants or leggings beneath the desk (yes, we know your little secret). The same principle applies to our first hair tip. Keep in mind that nobody is seeing anything but the front of your head. Frizzy mess in the back? Who cares. No need to waste time on a morning makeover that won’t get the stage it deserves. We all need a break right now, so simplicity counts. Limiting your focus to what can be seen as opposed to what can’t is the first secret to minimizing the time needed to get ready in the morning.

Give it Some Volume:

Don’t have time for a full hair washing routine before your call? No problem. Before your meeting, you can use your blow dryer to reactivate the product already in your hair and add in a bit more gel and hair spray to spruce it up even more. You can also dig out your favorite dry shampoo— something we’ve all rekindled our relationship with lately!— and apply some quick bursts, focusing on the front. Let it work its magic for a minute, then gently blow dry on a low heat. Low heat is key! Give your roots some extra attention to boost volume where it makes the biggest impact. Make sure to have a brush handy to knock any remaining bed head from the night before into a work-ready look. In addition to speed, this saves your hair from a full wash, which in turn reduces the hair damage that commonly accompanies over washing (we’ll get into reducing hair damage later).

Root Remedy:

It’s been awhile since any of us have been to our local salon for a cut and color. We feel you. The last thing you want for the people on the call to be focusing on is glaringly obvious roots. Trust us, box hair dye is not the answer, as tempting as it might be. An impulsive hair dye night or radical DIY hair change might seem like a good option, but you’ll regret it once you’re stuck with the results and don’t have access to a salon to correct them. In addition to being hard to control and time consuming, it accelerates the breakdown of your hair. Box dyes strip the proteins right out, leaving you with frizzy, damaged hair. Not to mention that trying to tone the lightened roots to match the rest of your hair is a nightmare. The answer? Root spray. It’s a non-damaging, instant fix for any pesky roots within plain view. Remember— this isn’t prep for an upscale night out in the town, it’s a quick fix for your morning Zoom call that nobody will notice. Take a step back from that box dye and embrace this faster, less damaging alternative.

Damage Control: 

Speaking of damage— let’s get that fixed. We’ve all got a little extra time in our schedules which can be put to good use. While blowing out all our hair every day may not be a productive use of oh-so-precious morning time, hair health is a priority. A simple 20-minute deep condition is a great way to keep your locks looking good. Say goodbye to dull, frizzy hair and unlock the natural shiny beauty that just needs a little nudge to reveal itself. After all the straightening, shampooing, coloring, and environmental stressors hair goes through, it needs a little pick-me-up. Deep conditioning helps replenish natural oils and minerals in addition to locking in some much-needed hydration our hair needs to look its best. Many treatments also contain natural volumizers to help you achieve that salon look we’ve all been missing. Using a hair dryer for damaged hair (such as the AER dryer, which is designed specifically with intelligent environmental sensors and a DC Ionizer) can also help reduce hair damage from using a regular old-fashioned blow dryer. AER’s pioneering AI sensors regulate the temperature your dryer needs to get the job done without pumping up the heat to abrasive levels, and the DC Ionic mode stops frizz in its tracks. Stop playing the guessing game and allow AER to become your in-house professional stylist.

Bring the Salon to You: 

Back to color for a minute. Sometimes we’re looking for something more than a quick fix. Luckily, the more permanent solution also benefits the community. While many salons aren’t allowed to open due to stay at home orders (varying by state), some are still open to sell products—like special quarantine color kits, which are FAR better than box hair dyes. Anything given to you by a salon professional will be personalized to your unique hair type— something box dyes can’t deliver. Drugstore products overcompensate on strength and use harsh developers so they can work on virtually every hair type. This comes at the expense of your hair health. Salon professionals know exactly what high-grade products to set you up with, so you won’t be at risk of being overprescribed for a developer strength that causes unneeded damage. Remember deep conditioners? You can pick that up while you’re at it. A quick trip to the salon for products and advice not only keeps you equipped to look your best, but also helps to keep the beauty ecosystem stabilized during the lockdown.

Pay it Forward: 

While you’re at the salon’s website, there’s something else you can do to help alleviate the burden of decreased sales: pre-pay for your next haircut appointment (or three). Your future self will thank you, and you’re directly contributing to keeping cash flowing during lockdown, helping stylists to get paid. It’s hardly a guilty purchase. It ensures that when things return to normalcy, you'll be looking your best, and you’ll be helping the community at the same time. If you’re fortunate enough to still be earning a full salary, it’s a no brainer.

A Note for the Guys: 

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that men and women both have the same hair. The only differentiating factor between the two is length. While men might be able to skip the conditioner and then cut all the damaged hair off every four weeks, this doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Between men’s more frequent shampoos, generally more generic (often poorly formulated) hair products, and lack of hair TLC, your hair might be more damaged than you think. If you’re one of the guys out there who frequently uses a hairdryer for men, you probably aren’t thinking much about heat damage it’s causing. Thought you were immune from bad products and environmental wear-and-tear? Sorry, mate. Let us let you in on a little styling secret— the looks you’ve been itching to achieve aren’t easily attainable with your current hair care regime. The deep conditioning tips mentioned earlier apply toward you as well. In fact, they’re key in supporting the hairstyles you’re gunning for. Well-styled hair starts with a healthy base. That means settling for damaged hair is a thing of the past.

While your new habits work toward repairing your hair, you can also add some new grooming tricks to your growing arsenal. Before your Zoom call in the morning, rinse your hair, towel it dry, apply some leave-in conditioner, and use your AIR blow dryer on a low heat setting while you work your hair the direction you normally style it with your hand. Shorter hair dries after, which means you don’t need to be using the hair-frying heat setting you’ve been using all this time. You’ll get stylist-grade results and kick any dullness to the side. Smooth, touchable hair is yours for the taking. Plus, if you’ve got a significant other, they’ll love it just as much.

Enjoy Cordless Drying with AER: 

No need for a commercial grade hair dryer in your home! Those are high-heat, and not ideal for daily use. Another great way to maintain Zoom-ready hair is to keep your cordless ionic AER dryer in your home office. This way, you can touch up your look in between calls without having to make trips to the bathroom. The AER battery operated blow dryer has the power to bring you up to four hours of cordless touch ups all day long without being tethered to an outlet. Just pop it back into the charging base at the end of your day and it’ll be ready for another day of usage in just 90 minutes. AER dryer’s power-infused rechargeable lithium ion silicon battery eliminates the need to replace batteries— ever. Get a professional quality blow dry with the AER’s high performance hair dryer that empowers you to be your own stylist with its premium-grade construction which is guaranteed to bring you unprecedented control over your look.

Between our touch-up secrets, salon quarantine specials, and
AER’s out-of-bathroom flexibility, you’ll be bringing that flawless editorial look to every single meeting— struggle free. Now that’s something you can celebrate.


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