Benefits and How to Use Your Concentrator Attachment

Using the right hair dryer attachment in the right way can maximize your style and avoid the frizzy, poofy hair that went out of style decades ago. Every good hair dryer comes with at least a few attachments – and great ones definitely include a concentrator nozzle. The AER Hair Dryer comes with a narrow concentrator that helps you get a smooth and sleek blowout every time. 

Here’s how to make the most of this super-important attachment. 

 What is a concentrator nozzle?

 A concentrator nozzle does exactly what the name sounds like: It directs the air flow from your hair dryer into a smaller area, instead of blowing your hair all over. The concentrator opening is much tighter than the mouth of the hair dryer, which allows it to create greater air pressure as well as steam, allowing your hair to straighten and relax. 

The concentrator will flow exactly where you need it to go, and you’ll see shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair. If you have bangs or want straight hair, you won’t want to travel without you AER Hair Dryer concentrator.

A concentrator also makes it possible to dry specific sections at a time – the secret ingredient to getting a great blowout at home.

 Concentrators come in various sizes. In general, the more narrow the opening on the concentrator the more powerful your concentrated air flow and heat will be. 

Narrow nozzle – This is essential for a salon-quality blowout. It concentrates and speeds up airflow, resulting in a polished finish every time. It’s also great for drying fringes and bangs, and for working with wavy and curly hair.

 Wide nozzle – This is a wider version of a concentrator that can expand the airflow to dry more hair faster, making it a great option for long, thick hair.

 How to use your concentrator nozzle

 First, wash and condition your hair. Then partially dry your hair with the blow dryer (without an attachment) until it’s about 80% dry. You can use a lower speed setting with a higher temperature to speed up the drying process. But don’t try to dry your entire head with just the concentrator, as that will take much longer and can create unintentional hot spots. 

After you’ve pre-dried your hair with the blow dryer, attach your concentrator to the nozzle.

 Concentrators work best when you dry small sections of hair at a time, so start by separating your hair into sections and placing a round brush underneath the hair at the roots. 

 Pro Tip: When using a concentrator nozzle, make sure you keep about an inch of space between your brush and nozzle attachment. This will prevent heat damage to your hair, brush and the hair dryer itself.

For maximum control and smoothness, hold your blow-dryer by the handle, then use your brush to pull your hair away from your head at an angle, keeping the dryer handle parallel to your brush. The concentrator attachment should be pointing in the same direction as the handle of the dryer to hit the hair directly behind your brush.

For extra volume, use the concentrator to dry your roots upwards and make sure the concentrator follows up and out with your brush.

Finish by turning the ends under and blasting the roots with cool air for a few seconds to lock in the style.

Repeat this process on each section until completely dry before moving to the next section. 

 Next time you pull out your hair dryer, don’t leave your concentrator in the box! It’s your secret weapon to getting a sleek style or a salon-quality blowout every time.