AER Dryer: The Best Travel Hair Dryer


Portable Hair Dryer, Portable Hair Style


Whether you’re taking a trip for work or finally getting away for that much needed vacation, packing the right hair care tools is essential. But preparing to travel means deciding between what you’d like to bring and what you can probably do without. 


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s important to consider what will make your life easier on the go. So when you pack up your laptop, smartphone and smartwatch – make sure you also reach for your AER Hair Dryer and accessories so you can look great in the air and on the go. 


You are Worth More Than “Adequate” Hair Drying Power


Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel most like ourselves, particularly when we’re traveling. Take, for instance, the hotel hair dryer. They’re often small and hard-working, and they usually do an adequate job of drying hair. But is “adequate” really enough, especially on an important business trip or a hard-earned vacation? 


You’ll never have to settle for “adequate” when the AER Hair Dryer is in your bag of tricks. The AER Dryer was created for those of us who are always on the go. Jetsetters rejoice – the AER Hair Dryer has you covered!


  • Small and Cordless to Fit in any Bag
  • It all starts with the AER Dryer’s thoughtful, compact design. The AER Hair Dryer’s sleek profile means it can slip easily into even the smallest suitcase or personal carry-on. And since it’s cordless, you can pack it in pieces if you need to. Stow the battery pack next to your shoes, the diffuser in amongst your socks, and the main unit tucked effortlessly along the side of the bag. Your AER Dryer fits just as easily into your travel plans as your travel bags! 

  • Look your Best, Right Off the Plane
  • You have a big meeting on the other side of the world, and you have to go straight to the office from the airport. Or you’re reuniting with a loved one you haven’t seen in years. In either case, you want to look your best – and that means refreshing your hair when you land. 

    Before you head off to the airport to leave for your destination, simply charge your AER Hair Dryer, throw it into your carry-on and you’re ready for takeoff!

    When you touch down in your final destination, just pop into the bathroom, pull out your AER Hair Dryer, and give your hair a little blast of air and hairspray. For added volume and bounce, make sure to bring your roll brush attachment, which is also compact for travel and easy to use on the go.

  • Never Search for a Bathroom Outlet Again
  • Many hotels outfit their bathrooms with only one inefficiently placed electrical outlet – making it a hassle to use multiple plugged-in devices, like an electric toothbrush, flat iron or electric razor. Luckily, AER Hair Dryer frees you from the confines of a hotel bathroom.

    The AER Dryer’s cordless design means all you need is a single outlet, anywhere in your hotel room – yes, anywhere! Plug in the charging base wherever there is an outlet, connect the main unit, and you’re all set. When it’s time to dry your hair, just pick up the AER Dryer and dry your hair anywhere it’s convenient for you. You can dry your hair in bed. Or while you make coffee. Or while reading the morning news.  

  • No More Struggles with Hotel Hair Dryers
  • Most hotels offer an in-room hair dryer precariously mounted on the bathroom wall to give you a small measure of comfort when you’re away from home. But have you ever used one of these things? They often provide very little hair-drying power, or they just blast your hair with extra-loud, scorching heat. Or even worse – they don’t work at all. 

    Don’t leave your hair’s fate with a hotel hair dryer. Take control of the situation by traveling with your AER Hair Dryer. Not only is it nice to have your own dryer you can count on, but the AER Hair Dryer is quiet, too. Your AER Dryer helps you multitask without the irritating noise of a loud conventional hair dryer. Dry your hair while you check emails or review your presentation one last time to ace your meeting. 

  • Easily Pack All your Hair Dryer Attachments
  • Not only are hotel hairdryers lacking on performance, they also rarely have the attachments you need – if any at all. AER’s compact design makes it easy for you to pack all the attachments you need to have a great hair day, every day:

    1. Concentrator: This does exactly what the name sounds like: It directs the air flow from your hair dryer into a smaller area, instead of blowing your hair all over. The concentrator opening is much tighter than the mouth of the hair dryer, which allows it to create greater air pressure as well as steam, allowing your hair to straighten and relax. The concentrator will flow exactly where you need it to go, and you’ll see shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair. If you have bangs or want straight hair, you won’t want to travel without you AER Hair Dryer concentrator.
    2. Diffuser: This prevents direct heat from over-drying your hair and is a valuable accessory for people with curly hair – especially if you have thicker hair. Plus, using an AER Hair Dryer diffuser reduces frizz up to 50% over air drying! 
    3. Roll Brush: This is a fundamental styling attachment that can help you achieve a fantastic voluminous look. It can be used to create body and waves, or smooth hair with minimal frizz. 


  • Get a Better Blowout with AER Exclusive Smart Dry Technology 
  • The AER Hair Dryer’s Patented Smart Dry Technology dynamically controls heat output and fan speed, delivering optimal performance and heat protection for your hair. That means you get a fast dry time – saving you time and energy – without damaging your hair. 


    Don’t get caught without your AER Hair Dryer and attachments when you’re traveling. Make sure you pack them for great hair no matter where you are in the world!