7 Tips to Achieve Your Best Blowout

Maintaining the health of your hair begins with how you dry it.  So before you reach for your hair dryer, take a moment and let us share our top tips for protecting and drying your hair the right way.

Photo by: Jenn Duong

1. Let Your Hair Partially Air-Dry Before Using Your Hair Dryer

According to Giovanni Vaccaro, Glamsquad’s creative director, “Hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet.” 

In other words, when you dry extremely wet hair at high heat, you run the risk of causing major damage and breakage. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to brush through tangles gently. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner and then let your hair dry naturally. If your hair is too thick for combs, gently use your fingers instead to detangle your hair. 

If you want to soak up excess water, Vaccaro recommends using a microfiber towel. If you don’t have a microfiber towel on hand, you can always reach for a clean t-shirt. 

Pro tip: Don’t sit with your hair in a towel for too long, 10 to 12 minutes should do the trick depending on how thick your hair is.

2. Start with a Protective Heat Spray

Just like you wouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen (seriously, don’t leave the house without sunscreen), you shouldn’t dry hair without a protective heat spray! A protective heat spray helps coat each strand and preps your hair to take on the heat with minimal damage.

3. Air Dry According to Your Hair Type 

Your hair type plays a significant part in how you should dry it.  

If you have super fine to medium hair, you should let your hair air dry at least 80%. As mentioned earlier, wet hair is fragile and if you have fine hair it's even more fragile. 

If you have medium to thick hair, and depending on how you want to style your hair, you should let your hair air dry at least 50%. Medium to thick hair is sometimes easier to blow dry and style while it is still a bit damp, such as straightening curly hair. 

4. Before You Reach for your Brush, Rough Dry First

Celebrity stylist, David Lopez, suggests using your hair dryer to rough dry first. Lopez recommends setting your dryer on the lowest speed and medium heat. Again, if your hair is still wet and you blast it with high heat, your hair will get whipped around too much and cause split ends, tangles, and frizz. 

Once your hair is 80% dry, then you can section off your hair and use a brush to style it. Check out how to choose the right brush here. Don’t forget to attach your concentrator nozzle. The concentrator will help you achieve a sleek look, cut down on frizz, and protect your hair from excessive heat.

Quick tip for curly hair: If you are seeking to create defined curls, skip the rough dry and reach for the hair diffuser attachment instead. Part your hair into sections, then drop each section into the diffuser one by one, while pushing the diffuser towards your roots. Once the desired look is achieved, finish up with a curl crème or finishing spray.

5. Start at the Front and Work Your Way to the Back of Your Head

Both Lopez and Vaccaro suggest starting at your temples, hairline, and crown. From there, you work your way back to the nape of your neck. This way you tackle the most visible parts first. This is especially true if you have bangs. There is nothing worse than trying to tame bangs that have dried out. So save yourself the frustration and start at your temples and hairline.

6. Make Sure You are Using the Right Hair Dryer

Believe it or not, the type of hair dryer you use really does matter. Economical hair dryers lack the intelligence and functionality that premiere hair dryers have. Investing in a good quality dryer, such as the AER dryer, saves your hair from unnecessary damage and cuts down on drying times.

The AER dryer comes with hair-saving features such as high power, smart-dry technology*, multiple heat settings, a cool shot, and ionic air technology. Ionic air technology helps break down water molecules faster, which means your hair dries faster. The less time your hair is under heat and the more control you have over the temperature, the healthier it is for your hair.

*A key feature for the AER Dryer is its built-in artificial intelligence and environmental sensors that learn how you dry your hair. This feature saves your hair profile and optimizes the temperature and speed, maintaining hair health, and reducing frizz, all while drying hair quickly.

7. Final Touches

Now that you know how to blow dry your hair the right way, you can achieve any look effortlessly. 

Finish your look with hairspray and shine serum, and you’re ready to take on your next adventure!