5 Quarantine Looks to Try at Home

Take your hair on an adventure— even if you’re not going anywhere!

You’ve read the horror stories of at-home haircuts. As much as the temptation may be to take matters into your own hands while we wait for salons to reopen, there’s no need to get drastic to change up your look. Last week, we covered the basics of keeping your hair healthy and presentable in our blog post Blow Your Colleagues Away with Zoom-Ready Hair. Once you’ve got a routine focused on hair health and morning touch-ups, you can move on to where the fun begins. So grab your AER dryer and get ready to try something new.

Step Away from the Scissors!

Grabbing those arts and crafts scissors for ‘just a quick trim’ always turns into snipping, snipping…and snipping until you’ve reached the point of no return. Because it looks so easy, right? There’s a reason most hair cutting schools require 1,500 hours of experience and study before certification. Your 15-minute venture with the scissors isn’t quite enough to equip you with the skills to launch yourself into a new at home hairstyle. According to stylists, there’s been a huge uptick in emergency texts from clients. The at home route often results in uneven cuts, too-short bangs, and a head full of stray long hairs. While stylists normally end up recommending extensions to cover up your mistakes, there are ways to eliminate the issue altogether: don’t even go there.

Experimentation Time

Use this time as a chance to try out new hairstyles— which don’t involve drastic irreparable action— and get your hair looking as healthy as possible. We’re going to give you a ton of ideas on ways to switch-up your style at home with just a few simple tools and your amazing, multi-functional AER dryer. Have some fun with it! Block off some time on your calendar for a self-care voyage into the exciting world of safe at-home styling.

#1 - Get Creative with your Part

First up— try parting your hair differently. This method is potentially the easiest (and most risk free!) way to give new life to your hairstyle. When you wear your parting in the same place every day, your style can become flat and your roots look darker than they actually are. By switching up your parting, you’re using visual tricks to change the appearance of your roots and training your hair to lay in different ways! A quick hair parting ideas search on Google provides more than enough ideas to keep you occupied, but here are a few suggestions to start you out:


We know you had them from way back when – now is the time to dig ‘em up! Accessories help to hold hair in ways it can’t retain on its own, unlocking new looks and increased control. Turn up the glamour and claim your own little slice of vintage beauty with this trick.

Swept Up

You might need a little assistance from some product on this one. Using a swept-up parting helps volumize your hair and give it even more oomph. If you’re looking for something fun that really accentuates your hair coloration and natural wave, this look is a perfect match. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book for creating a brand new look without any cut or color.

Zigzag Pattern

Try changing your parting to the other side or have fun with a zigzag parting.  This works particularly well on highlighted hair– especially if your last visit was for a T-section or half head of highlights– as your natural color will already have grown through a fair amount on the ‘hidden’ parts of your hair.

One Last Thing About Parting…

A final word on parting– live with your new look for a couple days. Your hair may not be used to moving in its newfound direction. This is where hair training comes in. Not only is your hair growing used to laying in different ways, but you’re getting better at taking control of your hair. Keep on keepin’ on— then see what you think.

#2 - Texture and Accessories Galore

Another easy way to switch it up is adding curls or waves to create texture. This tip doesn’t just apply to long hair, but all hair lengths across the spectrum. Throw a braid into the mix. Braids don’t have to be a bulky clump of hair off to the side. Adding a finely woven braid to pulled-back hair creates interest and detail. Brush up on your hair braiding techniques and try to incorporate one into your new style. As touched upon earlier, accessories can make an impact as well. Tools such as barrettes, clips, pins, head scarfs, headbands, and ribbons can add color to your look in addition to helping you with controlling your hair. Bear with us for this one– silky, high-end scrunchies (once considered a total no-no post-1995) are back in full force. Can’t believe it? Neither did we. But hey, it’s hard to hate the wide variety of colors and materials. This look was everywhere during London Fashion Week. Plus, most of them are super strong without creasing your hair. Give it a shot! 

#3 - The Faux Bob

Want a drastic look switch up to your length without making a single cut? Create a faux bob. One of the most common techniques is to wrap an elastic band a quarter way up from the ends of your hair, twisting your hair underneath, and pinning it. A total transformation in minutes.

#4 - Faux Bangs

Next– faux bangs. Start by using the AER dryer and concentrator attachment along with a brush to blow out any tangles or frizz. Brush your hair to a center part, and gather together a section of hair towards the front of your head. Tuck the hair that doesn't belong to the small section behind your ear and bring the section to the front. Place your fingers across where you want the lower end of your bangs to be in a scissor hold with your middle and pointer finger. With your other hand, twist the lower portion of the hair beneath your fingers until it becomes rope-like. Take the rope of hair and bobby pin it back behind your ear. The result will be a hairstyle visually similar to bangs with no extensions and no cuts made! This one might take a little practice to get down, but it’s an easy way to see whether bands are right for you before committing to the chop. 

#5 - Carefree, Made Simple

Get ready to make some waves. Braid your hair and remove your dryer from the AER hair dryer stand– now is a perfect time to go cordless. Dry your braids using the AER dryers intelligent sensors to minimize damage and maximize shine (your new look shouldn’t come at the expense of your hair health). Finally, shake the braids loose with your fingertips. Your newly created waves are ready to be locked into place using the AER diffuser attachment. This tool helps to evenly dry the waves without compromising the integrity of the structure you just built up. The result is a perfect amount of natural wave that’s far less damaging than using a curling iron and takes a fraction of the time.

Final Thoughts

You’re set. Between visual tricks to drastically change hair length without cutting, to using what you’ve got in new ways with an alternative parting, to throwing in some colorful accessories to boost personality, there’s enough to keep you busy all the way through quarantine. Start simple. Try something that pushes you slightly outside what you're used to— then make it your own. There’s never been a better time to try something new within the privacy of your home. Find your next favorite look: whether it be a casual round-the-house style, or something that’ll be turning heads at your next after-work event (whenever we end up getting back to those!).

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Don’t Forget the Gentleman!

Remember how you’re always talking about growing your hair out but always seem to cut it anyway? Here’s your chance to finally play with those longer lengths. Spoiler alert– you’ll like the results. As we mentioned last week the only difference between men and women’s hair is length. Oftentimes, long-haired women have years’ worth of damage retained within their hair strands. If you’ve frequently used a hair dryer for men on high heat for fast drying, you’ve been collecting damage too. Here’s an alternative– use the AER cordless blow dryer with the concentrator attachment. You’ll get increased power, healthier tailored results, and have the ability to achieve greater hair lengths without running into styling restrictions from damage down the road. 


We’d love to see your newfound favorite looks from tips in this blog. Use the hashtag #AERNewLook to show off your new style– we’ll repost our favorites and show some love.