5 Hairstyles You Can Do On-the-Go

We’ve all been there. Sometimes the time before an engagement slides by way quicker than expected. Our lives are busy, and things have to slip through the cracks to get to things on time. Making a grocery list as you’re walking into the store itself because you kept pushing off making it throughout the day? All too familiar.

We get it— out of all the time saving opportunities, spending that extra time on your hair is usually one of the first things to get put on the chopping block. While in the current state of the world, you may not be going into work as frequently (or at all), there are still occasions we’re putting some effort into. Dates in the park, coffee-walks with a friend, and backyard family gatherings are still on the table. Once again, AER has got you covered. Introducing 5 styles that make it look polished and professional… even if you just rolled out of the door! Simply park and primp.

Get this: 43% of women are doing their hair and make-up in the car. In case it isn’t obvious, we’re talking about a parked car. No touch-ups on the freeway, please. What’s the takeaway here? A few things. First, stop feeling bad for your last-minute car beauty routine, because half of us do it. Secondly, why aren’t we talking about streamlining out-of-home beauty? We’re usually in motion, pin-balling around town between our work and social engagements. Shouldn’t our beauty routine be able to mesh more fluidly with our lifestyle. We say yes.

Textured Messy Ponytail

This is as easy as they come. We’re starting with this look because it lays a perfect foundation for getting comfortable with away-from-home styling. This ponytail look explores a looser, more relaxed take on the classic. Start assembling your on-the-go hair styling kit. In its simplest form, here’s what it’ll look like:

  • Cordless AER Dryer
  • Texture Spray
  • Brush of Choice

Start by blowing your hair out on low heat. Brush long enough to combat any evident tangles and frizz, but there’s no need to attempt any sort of straightening. After all, this is a messy look.

Next, move across your hair with the texture spray, making sure to not forget the roots (there’s lots of volume potential here). Place your hair in a ponytail— this is your chance to add a little interest with unique hair ties. It’s amazing how detail pumps this look up. Don't be afraid to make it your own with accessorization!

Take a small thin section of hair from the ponytail, pinching it and wrapping it around the base. Pin it. Finish off the look with another spritz of texture spray and scrunch the pony to texturize it a little more. Throw on a pop of lip color and a tiny bit of mascara to make it all look cohesive. This will become the speediest look in your playbook, and it packs a sassy punch. Try it.

The Ever-So-Eye-Catching Shiny Bun

A sleek bun is the poster child for looking like you have your act together (nobody will know you completed this look with travel sized products in your car).

Apply coconut oil gel all throughout your hair and smooth through with a travel size smoothing brush (or fine tooth comb if you don’t have a small brush in your purse). Make a tight ponytail using one elastic. Twist the entirety of your hair all the way to the ends. Tie it off with the other small elastic without letting go. Once the elastic is on, coil the bun. Use large bobby pins to secure. The elastics you added will create an anchor for the pins. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Half Up, Half Down

Think of this as our way of glamourising indecision. Grab the section you’re going to clip up. Go from behind the ears (maybe leave a little out near the ears if you feel you want that softer look) and gather all the hair in the spot where you want the clip to sit. Just before the final addition of the clip, twist the hair and flip it over. You may need to add a bobby pin to keep your hair from flipping back if your hair is super thick or coarse!

Uber-Cute Milkmaid Braids

It’s time to amp up the cuteness! Seriousness and boldness have a place in your look arsenal, but sometimes it’s fun to lighten the mood. Plus, sometimes bolder looks demand a pop of eye or lip color as a highlighting accompaniment. In the interest of time, we’re supplying you with a style which pairs gracefully with a natural no-makeup look.

Braid two braids from the both sides, cross them from the back and just bring them upwards, and when the both ends meet, just pin them to stay in place all day. It’s bound to get an awww or two.

Boho Hair Wrap

We’re sliding you another chance to accessorize. If you don’t have any scarf accessories of your own, plan a trip to a locally run antique shop or thrift store. Here’s why— vintage garments have a far higher level of detail and intrinsic style. Why buy a remake when you could pick up the original? Plus, you’re supporting local business.

After you’ve found your favorite scarf (whether it be newly acquired or not), this look will be done in a minute. After putting your hair in a regular bun, wrap the scarf around your head, securing it, and hiding the left pieces inside the scarf. Instant fun. We’d be willing to bet you get a swarm of compliments on the scarf.

PS, For an extra controlled look, blow out your hair with the AER dryer for a few minutes prior.

Low Rolled Bun

This is a genius hairstyle that can be done in seconds. Tie low ponytail, make a hole above it and twist it upside down. After that start wrapping the hair on your hand in circular motions until you get to the start of the ponytail. Then secure it nicely. Add detail by using pins!

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to rely on a full blowout each time you’re going out. These quick hairstyles are fun because they flip up the routine and save time. You’re bound to discover a new favorite style.

Another quick tip— dry shampoo is your friend if you use it sparingly. While creating a habit of habitual dry shampoo use wears down the hair, occasionally using it for a freshen-up is A-OK. Read up on iffy practices (such as overuse of dry shampoo) in our article titled “Unexpected Things You're Doing That Are Damaging Your Hair”.

Another way AER can save your day? Grab that quick shower before you run out the door. Now that you can finish off your look in the car with one of our speedy styles, you don’t have to skip the shower! We put the control in your court. Eager for a more specific on-the-go dry? Use the diffuser/concentrator to get the look you want. There you have it. You’re sorted out for the day’s adventures ahead!