The perfect hair dryer for travel

Always on the go? Simply recharge the AER Dryer to use it indoors and outdoors.


SmartDry™ AI Technology

The AER Dryer’s revolutionary humidity sensor, along with dynamic temperature adjustments, helps prevent major breakage and premature thinning to your hair, while maintaining fast and consistent dry times.


The first professional cordless hair dryer

AER’s patented battery technology and uncompromising performance gives you the freedom and flexibility to move from room to room and beyond. 


Exclusive hair dryer attachments

Your AER Dryer comes with a variety of designer attachments which includes a hair diffuser, narrow and wide concentrator and a specially designed hair brush for curls and volume called the "AER Brush™" that can be purchased separately. Each is designed with a unique lock-in system, ensuring a secure connection to the dryer.


The perfect gift

The AER dryer is the perfect present and each piece is set within its own protective box.